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When you need to safeguard your business by tracking your employees’ time, an automated time clock with smart, robust time tracking software is by far the most efficient and easy way.
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For many small businesses, tough economic conditions continue to force owners to adopt measures that lower costs and boost performance. A time clock is one of the best management systems that can achieve this goal by reigning in overtime and payroll costs, as well as enhancing efficiency. Of course, not all time tracking systems are the same, or function in the same way. This is why it’s important to stay ahead of the curve by selecting a time tracking device that offers the best combination of three key elements: pace, organization and compliance. A good employee time tracking system should have all three.

1. Pace

The swift collection and processing of payroll data is vital when it comes to time and attendance. If it takes you a few minutes each day to get time and attendance data from your employees, you are missing out on the advantages of automation. Automation does not just facilitate the data collection part of your timekeeping software, but also assists with the quick retrieval of payroll data during crunch time. With smart employee time tracking software, you can run a payroll report that shows the complete picture of your employees’ work hours, and do so in just a matter of minutes.

2. Organizational Efficiency

The detailed payroll reports generated by timekeeping software can easily be used to monitor your employees’ hours. Is there a spike in work hours? If yes, what caused it? Additional hours equal more money, so you definitely want to get an idea if those extra hours were used wisely. You can also put checks in place that prevent employees from clocking in early or clocking out too late. With stringent checks and balances, organizational efficiency can experience a boost resulting in improved profitability.

3. Compliance – For Employees and Employers

Businesses are required to keep detailed records of employee payroll. A cloud-based time clock can be hugely beneficial for your company when it comes to complying with state and federal labor laws. If you use a clock with biometric recognition features, you eliminate the chances of employees claiming manipulation in time records. So, in addition to reaping the benefits of zero time theft at your place of business, your company is also more likely to be compliant. Unfortunately, the consequences of non-compliance can be rather severe. Even if there was an unintentional mistake in the calculation of employee payroll, (for example, with meal break deductions or overtime adjustments), your company can get into a lot of hot water.

Such a system also ensures compliance among employees. This is especially applicable for businesses that send employees out for fieldwork. An employee can easily claim he or she spent many hours on the job, while the actual time spent was considerably less. This kind of wage fraud not only costs you money, but it can also damage your company’s reputation. Good timekeeping software ensures that you know where your employees are working and when because they give you the option of having employees punch in from a smart phone, mobile device or from a landline at the jobsite.

When you need to safeguard your business by tracking your employees’ time, an automated time clock with smart, robust time tracking software is by far the most efficient and easy way. For top performance, make sure your clock of choice can meet your goals of pace, organization and compliance.

There are few entrepreneurs out there who can deny the importance of employee time management. Businesses that are able to pull off the resourceful management of employee work hours can be sure of improved efficacy and a good return on investment made into employee time. An effective utilization of this valuable resource can lead to sustainable business growth and profitability. With employees time clocks from uAttend, small and medium sized organizations can help ensure their employees are getting paid for the actual hours worked, in addition to being able to monitor their attendance behaviors.


Some of the prominent features of biometric-enabled time and attendance systems include the ability to recognize employees that are highly productive, keep track of behaviors such as absenteeism, and most important of all, achieving the assurance that employees are being paid for worked hours only. Biometric-enabled time tracking software systems are the ultimate solution an organization can have for the time and attendance management needs of its entire workforce.

Useful Features & Benefits of Automated Time Keeping Systems

In addition to being able to automate time and attendance processes, small and medium sized enterprises get to benefit of accuracy, which is provided by biometric time and attendance systems. This impacts your ROI in two ways – 1) reduced payroll costs thanks to the elimination of time theft and buddy punching, and 2) improved productivity and accountability as employees put more effort and responsibility into their work. Simply put, your organizational efficiency will increase and your cost of doing business will decrease.

Thanks to the automation provided by systems such as uAttend’s employees time clocks, your business can decrease its dependence on human capital to manage time and attendance and process payroll. Imagine automating and simplifying your complete payroll process from start to finish! In addition, uAttend’s time and attendance software suite helps in key areas such as compliance and wage violation claims because it keeps accurate, indisputable digital records of employee work hours.

uAttend’s detailed reporting features not only help in payroll integration, but also provide options for project and workload forecasts. This enables floor supervisors to allocate required resources to new projects in an effective and efficient manner.


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In order to keep your business ahead of the competition, you need to maximize your return on employee investment and achieve workplace efficiency. By introducing automation into your business processes, you can help achieve optimal efficiency because employees will be able to use their time more productively. Time & attendance software from uAttend is one such automated method that will help save your business time and money. image

Road to Achieving Efficiency

If your business employs more than 20 non-exempt workers, it is very time-consuming to monitor, process and store all of the payroll information. If you are using manual payroll methods, keeping track of each process can get overwhelming, especially when you accumulate multiple spreadsheets or timesheets to record this information.

Biometric time clock systems from uAttend render any need for time cards or paper timesheets useless. The time keeping system validates employee identity by comparing their fingerprints or facial patterns that are already stored in its database. There is no need for paper time cards or timesheets at any stage of punching in or out.

Going Paperless at Every Stage of Payroll


 In addition to eliminating paper from the punch-in stage, uAttend’s software also allows you to go paperless in the processing and recording stage. While a manual system requires processing employee time data using paper and manual calculations, time & attendance software from uAttend does all this work for you, which saves time and resources and makes employee data easier to collect.  


HR and payroll executives can now skip all of the laborious and time-consuming stages of payroll processing because every stage is taken care of by the time keeping software. At any moment, employers can access processed information in real time. Digital records of your payroll help comply with state and federal labor laws and take up negligible space as compared to records on paper.

 Biometric time clock systems from uAttend can help you achieve a new level of efficiency and accuracy by introducing a paperless workforce management solution for your workplace.

No matter how you look at it, running a small business is no easy task. Limited capital and resources, along with tough today’s competition can make it extremely difficult to stay afloat. In these situations, entrepreneurs are often extremely focused on cutting costs. While this is by no means a bad thing, if they do not have adequate management tools, this sort of micromanagement can consume ALL of their time and usually ends with poor results.

If you spend most of your time managing business critical processes, such as payroll, there is little time left for you to focus on matters that can help grow your business. Automated workforce management solutions like uAttend’s wireless time clock can help streamline your organizational processes and free up your valuable time, ultimately transforming your workplace into a more efficient and more productive enterprise.


How do Automated Systems Reduce the Need for Micromanagement?


With manual time and attendance methods like paper timesheets and card-punching time clock systems, there is a substantial need for human supervision. If employees fill in their work hours on a timesheet, supervisors have to make sure they are writing down the correct hours worked and are not stealing time by rounding up five minutes here and there. In the case of mechanical time tracking devices, if left unsupervised, employees can easily clock in and out for an absent or late colleague. Both ways can cause significant revenue loss for your business.


In addition, non-automated time keeping methods require that you manually transfer time and attendance data from time cards or timesheets for the purposes of processing payroll. Once done manually collecting the data, you then have to spend a considerable amount of time manually calculating employee wages. If you have ever tried to do this, you know exactly how much time and effort it requires to accurately calculate wages for various employees with varying degrees of pay grades, benefits and other contributions.


uAttend’s wireless time clock effectively takes over crunching numbers for payroll and lets you get back to the core task of growing your business. From punching in an employee’s time to generating detailed reports on employee productivity, everything is automated and can be done in real-time. Best yet, you can integrate uAttend time tracking software with your existing payroll system and process your payroll with just a few clicks of the mouse.


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Time tracking software solutions have played an instrumental role in helping U.S. businesses overcome the drawbacks of manual time and attendance. Today’s organizations are able to achieve a much more streamlined and accurate payroll. If you compare time keeping software systems with manual time and attendance management, you will find a clear winner in automated software, especially when it comes to the accuracy of recorded employee work hours. In addition, businesses using automated software also gain the added advantages of reduced human error and the ability to integrate with payroll systems.

However, it would be foolish to believe that every time and attendance solution comes with the same features and benefits. When selecting time keeping solutions, small businesses basically have two options to choose from, on-premise hosted systems or cloud-based solutions such as uAttend’s biometric time clock systems. In many cases, both these solutions can deliver the same kind of results. However, while these two systems may function in the same way, there are several differentiating factors in terms of implementation and operational costs.

How do the two Systems Differ?

First of all, there are very few internally hosted time keeping systems that are available without annual licensing charges. A business using an in-house system is required to pay large upfront licensing fees, as well as pay for a monthly service subscription. In addition, there is often a hidden catch. For example, many in-house service providers require businesses to pay extra money per each employee added into the system. This quickly becomes an expensive venture once your business starts growing and expanding.

Cloud-based time tracking software service providers, such as uAttend, operate a bit differently. When it comes to the number of employees using a system, cloud-based service providers are much more flexible and customer-oriented. They do not raise the price per employee if and when a client has experienced sudden growth, nor do they charge extra if and when a business cuts back on its number of employees. Rather than charge per employee, they offer affordable and scalable membership levels that cater toward small businesses.

For example, with the uAttend™ Employee Management System, Plan 1 covers 1- 9 employees, whereas Plan 5 covers 100+ employees. So, depending on how many employees your company has, you can change your plan accordingly, each month if need be, with no hidden charges or fees. Small businesses subscribing to uAttend’s biometric time clock systems enjoy even more benefit because the biometric requirement also eliminates wage fraud and time theft practices.

When you’re running a company, the last thing you need to worry about is your time and attendance tracking. If you partner with a cloud service provider like uAttend, you’ll never have to worry about scalability surprises, which helps you check one more item off your long list of things to manage.  

Today’s businesses are no longer restricted to brick and mortar stores or factory floors. The huge growth of the service industry has resulted in service providers and their employees spending more and more time in the field. While this boom has created opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, it has also created certain problems when it comes to monitoring employee time. Alas, there is a solution! uAttend’s automated cloud-based time and attendance software makes it possible for today’s businesses to monitor their employees’ whereabouts at any time of the day, and from any location.

The World of Possibilities With a uAttend Wireless Time Clock

With uAttend, no matter where you are in the world, if you have access to the Internet you can access your employees’ work hours and attendance data. Our online accounts offer universal access making it easy for you to monitor and manage your workforce. uAttend benefits employees as well with its convenient punch in options and ease of use. For example, if your employees are working in the field, our Smartphone app makes it possible for them to mark their work hours from a specific job site. There is no need to punch in first at the office and then drive to the job site. As long as they are within your pre-designated Geo hot spot, they can punch in and out with the uAttend mobile application. This especially comes in handy for employees who spend most of their time working remotely. 

In addition to the mobile and Smartphone app, employees also have the option of punching in and out by calling in on a telephone, or by using a web browser. These time and attendance solutions are smart and easy to implement. Not only do they help accurately record work hours, but they also help streamline your roster planning and take the stress out of your payroll processing. uAttend currently integrates with more than 60 different payroll processing programs making the whole process a breeze.

Additional Advantages of Time and Attendance Software

In addition to universal accessibility, uAttend workforce management solutions offer a wide range of benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. An organization can achieve higher productivity, as well as eliminate time theft and wage fraud using our biometric solutions. From employee punches, to the creation of time and attendance reports for payroll, the entire process is automated and paperless enabling your business to accomplish more in less time, and with the least bit of human supervision.

If you have employees that work in the field, or if your organization faces time theft issues, or if you simply want to enjoy stress free payroll, consider a uAttend wireless time clock system for your business. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

Technology, along with the ways we use it in our everyday lives, is evolving with each passing day. Automation is without a doubt the best advantage that technology has delivered to the business world. Through automation we are now able to do much more in less time, and accomplish our goals in more affordable ways. One of the areas technological advancements have made a substantial difference is in employee time and attendance. Workforce management solutions such as time tracking software have been instrumental in streamlining payroll for small and medium-sized businesses.

Employee Time Management From Today’s Perspective

The continued evolution of workforce management solutions has made it possible for today’s businesses to not only take advantage of the latest and greatest technologies, but also to give them different choices in how to implement these solutions. For example, there are two common ways in which business owners can deploy a time keeping software system. Depending on their specific needs, they can either use an in-house system or use Software as a Service (SaaS).

How do these Systems Differ?

Although these two systems function more or less the same way, the deployment method actually makes a big difference in several key areas. Below, we discuss these differences in detail. Knowing the pros and cons of each system can help you reach a conclusion of your own as to which will work best for your company.

1. Upfront Costs

The first major difference between an in-house time keeping system and an SaaS system is cost. This is, of course, an area where every business must pay close attention to when deciding on a system. Internally hosted time and attendance software systems need to be licensed and can involve substantial licensing fees that reoccur on an annual basis. This means a large, upfront fee for a full year of service. In comparison, online time attendance software solutions are cloud-based and hosted on service providers’ remote servers. In the majority of cases, a business simply pays a low monthly subscription fee rather than an upfront licensing fee, and is not locked in to a long-term commitment.

2. Equipment Requirements

Cloud-based time tracking software solutions are delivered online and hosted on remote servers. This way a business can utilize the service without having to make substantial investments on equipment, supplies and infrastructure. All a company needs to purchase is the hardware terminal and connect it to the Internet. With Plug ‘n Play, the system is up and running in no time. On the other hand, licensed software needs to be hosted on your business’s premises. This involves considerable expenses in terms of physical servers, IT support and ongoing maintenance, not to mention the space the equipment takes up.

3. Upgrade Fees

With cloud-based workforce management solutions your business will always have access to the latest version of software. In fact, most SaaS time and attendance providers automatically perform software upgrades and do not charge any fees. The latest software version is instantly available through seamless upgrades ensuring minimum downtime. In contrast, licensed software providers have been known to charge annual upgrade fees and often require an extended period of time to implement the new version of software.

4. Accessibility

Employee time and attendance data collected through online time keeping software systems is automatically delivered to cloud-based servers in real time. This makes it possible for entrepreneurs and HR executives to have universal access to the data. This also ensures data security preventing unauthorized persons from accessing confidential information. If you are using licensed software on an internal system, your payroll data is actually stored on local servers, which puts your data at risk. It is more vulnerable to theft, manipulation, and loss due to natural disasters.

Taking all these facts into consideration, it should be easy for you to determine which one is the most advanced and cost effective. A cloud-based, SaaS system is one of the best options available to suit your business needs. Stop wasting precious time and money - put your business in the cloud today!

Employee time and attendance tracking has been around in some form or another since the first employer began delegating work for wages. Of course, the concept of managing employee time has gone through various changes and transitions to become what we know of it today. However, despite all the technological advancements, and all the bells and whistles that time and attendance tracking has amassed over the years, a large number of businesses continue to use inefficient, manual methods.


Why is Manual a Bad Thing?

Manual workforce management methods are incapable of providing indisputable benefits in terms of employee productivity, payroll management and the accurate tracking of employee time. A business has less chance of becoming a more efficient entity if it continues using century old manual methods for tracking employee time. Time tracking software from uAttend is an automated workforce management solution that can catapult your business from the middle ages of management into a present day, modern workplace environment.

How are we Reshaping Payroll Management?

uAttend employee time and attendance solutions are helping small and medium sized business achieve levels of efficiency and productivity they never imagined possible. With our state-of-the-art fingerprint and facial recognition features, businesses are able to accurately pay for hours worked. Several time clocks from uAttend even punch employees in and out by confirming their identities using their biological traits. Since it is impossible to forge these unique features, employees will not be able to engage in time theft.

With time theft eliminated from your workplace, your business becomes more profitable. In addition, uAttend’s solutions reduce tardiness, which results in better productivity. uAttend’s time tracking software also enables your business to track employee time and attendance from any location thanks to its cloud-based connectivity. Employees can even record their time and attendance from pre-designated Geo-hot spots using the uAttend Smartphone App!

With detailed reporting on employee time and attendance and productivity, your payroll management can improve by leaps and bounds. Transform your business into a highly productive organization by contacting uAttend today.

Time and attendance software has become a much sought after solution for the effective management of payroll. Features such as biometric technology, automated processing, advanced reporting, and many more have made cloud-based software one of the best employee management systems available today.

When it comes to selecting time attendance software, businesses have two options: locally hosted applications (like in-house servers), or cloud-based systems. At times, it can be confusing and rather daunting for organizations to not only select a reliable service provider, but also to decide the best method for service delivery. In this article, we discuss both of these options at length to help guide the average business owner in making an informed decision.

Highlighting how each of these systems affect a business, and focusing on why cloud-based systems are better, can best demonstrate the differences between the two options. Let’s have a look.


Businesses can implement time and attendance software by either hosting it locally or going to the cloud. In-house workforce management applications usually need to be downloaded and installed, and often involve annual licensing fees. These applications can be rather complex and you may need to train your staff on how to use and manage them correctly. If a workforce management system takes a few days to implement, and your employees need training to be able to use them, this is not an efficient means of time tracking. On the other hand, cloud-based time attendance software does not need to be installed, is extremely user-friendly, and can be deployed within hours of purchasing the system.


In both cases, an organization has to have an actual time clock at the physical business location; however, the deployment of the software is entirely different. If a business decides to host the time tracking software internally, it usually incurs certain expenses in order to do so. For example, there can be applications that require an in-house server for hosting. This can increase your operating expenses substantially because there is not just the one-time expense of purchasing the server, but there is the costly need of ongoing maintenance and IT support.

In comparison, cloud-based time keeping software is hosted on off-site servers provided by secure service providers. The end user only needs to set up the physical time tracking device and log into their online account. There is no maintenance required or cost to buy an expensive server. There are also no annual licensing fees involved and you don’t have to wait forever to download and install the software.  


A business that has internally-hosted time and attendance software has limited access to the recorded employee work hour data, whereas cloud-based workforce time management applications can be accessed by employers and employees alike from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the data recorded by the time clock is safe and secure in a cloud environment allowing only authorized persons to access it. In-house data is not only vulnerable to manipulation from unauthorized access, but also to natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires and floods. Plus you have to concern yourself with backing up your data. With automated software, instant backups are created of the recorded data ensuring its integrity.

So, there you have it. Whether you own a small business or a medium sized enterprise, time attendance software deployed through cloud computing is an ideal solution for your business.

Rising operating costs are pushing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to look for solutions that cannot only reduce labor costs, but also decrease overall spending. Time tracking software from uAttend tops the list of highly sought out solutions for helping SMEs manage their time and attendance. uAttend’s software not only improves efficiency, but also enhances productivity, and provides a fast return on investment.

fingerprint time clocks the best time tracking software
Conventional payroll systems, such as a manual time clock, attendance books, and paper time sheets, have become ineffective and inadequate to fulfill the needs of a modern workplace. These methods are labor-intensive, time consuming, and are not without inevitable human error. SMEs have better options available to them in the form of technologically advanced, automated payroll management systems. This post provides insight as to why automated solutions (like uAttend’s fingerprint time clocks) are needed at your workplace.

How These Solutions Work

Biometric workforce management solutions from uAttend are browser based time and attendance tracking systems that enable businesses to electronically track and record when an employee punches in and out. uAttend’s time tracking software can work in conjunction with your existing payroll and accounting software, which further streamlines your payroll operations.

Real-Time Tracking Of Payroll Data

A uAttend time clock with biometric fingerprint recognition accurately records employee time and attendance in real time. Additional advantages include the elimination of unauthorized over-time and buddy punching, the management of paid and unpaid time off, and employee schedule management.

Wage Fraud Prevention

When employees punch-in using manual time recording devices, there is always a chance of wage fraud such as buddy punching. The continued practices of time theft can have a serious impact on the revenues of your organization. uAttend fingerprint time clocks eliminate any likelihood of inaccurate data entry as employees cannot forge fingerprints.

Labor & Operational Cost Reduction

uAttend time tracking software has been extremely effective in helping businesses reduce their operating expenses by eliminating costs incurred by wage fraud, unauthorized over-time, and supplies and accessory purchases. In addition, it cuts down on the time and cost of administering manual time tracking and payroll processing.

If you want to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits at your place of business, invest in a uAttend biometric solution today!