uAttend Time Clocks

When you need to safeguard your business by tracking your employees’ time, an automated time clock with smart, robust time tracking software is by far the most efficient and easy way.
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Web based time tracking software has truly revolutionized time and attendance management at the workplace. A time clock online system provides state-of-the-art hardware and simple to use time tracking software. Businesses using a mechanical time clock stand to benefit a great deal from implementing an automated means of time and attendance management.

Automation has brought immense relief to our daily lives. Today, we are able to accomplish far more in less time than ever before. This has been made possible due to advancements on both the hardware and software sides of technology. When it comes to business management, automation has changed the way companies operate. Web based time tracking software is one such advancement that is making life easier for business owners and HR personnel.

Manual vs. Automated Payroll

An automated online workforce management system consists of robust software and state-of-the-art hardware. With their unique features and unmatched accuracy, these time clock online systems have rendered traditional time and attendance methods nearly obsolete. If you look at traditional payroll systems, such as a mechanical time clock, you will notice an abundance of manually-made errors and inaccuracies. In addition, many on-premise time tracking systems require expensive hardware and licensing fees that are costly to maintain.

Online workforce management systems, on the other hand, are advanced solutions that consist of similar hardware and software as traditional methods, but at much lower prices and with fewer implementation requirements. These systems are designed with one purpose in mind - to automate and simplify employee time and attendance management. Web based time tracking software provides businesses with an all-inclusive modular tool set for the accurate management of all aspects of workforce time and payroll processing.

The Best Choice for Employee Time & Attendance

When putting together your ideal employee time management solution, there are many things to consider. What is your company policy regarding time and attendance? How can you ensure compliance with state and federal labor laws? How can you streamline your payroll processing? These are just a few questions to ask to make sure you choose a time clock online system that is capable of managing your workforce. The ideal system will be flexible, accurate and allow for universal access.

A web-based time clock system is a powerful tool that provides the capacity and depth required to best manage your employees’ time. In addition, it is easy to use and understand. This flexible payroll system not only enables you to shape your organizational processes, but is also fun to use and takes just a few quick steps to record and retrieve data.

Comprehensive Workforce Management Solution

From accurately recording time, to generating detailed reports for payroll processing, web based time tracking software manages every facet of your time and attendance, making sure your employees don’t violate any company regulations. These solutions are extremely easy to implement and very simple to use. Plus, they are extremely economical. If you manually track employee time, and are looking for a more comprehensive solution, you can’t find one better than a time clock online system.