uAttend Time Clocks

When you need to safeguard your business by tracking your employees’ time, an automated time clock with smart, robust time tracking software is by far the most efficient and easy way.
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Employee time and attendance tracking has been around in some form or another since the first employer began delegating work for wages. Of course, the concept of managing employee time has gone through various changes and transitions to become what we know of it today. However, despite all the technological advancements, and all the bells and whistles that time and attendance tracking has amassed over the years, a large number of businesses continue to use inefficient, manual methods.


Why is Manual a Bad Thing?

Manual workforce management methods are incapable of providing indisputable benefits in terms of employee productivity, payroll management and the accurate tracking of employee time. A business has less chance of becoming a more efficient entity if it continues using century old manual methods for tracking employee time. Time tracking software from uAttend is an automated workforce management solution that can catapult your business from the middle ages of management into a present day, modern workplace environment.

How are we Reshaping Payroll Management?

uAttend employee time and attendance solutions are helping small and medium sized business achieve levels of efficiency and productivity they never imagined possible. With our state-of-the-art fingerprint and facial recognition features, businesses are able to accurately pay for hours worked. Several time clocks from uAttend even punch employees in and out by confirming their identities using their biological traits. Since it is impossible to forge these unique features, employees will not be able to engage in time theft.

With time theft eliminated from your workplace, your business becomes more profitable. In addition, uAttend’s solutions reduce tardiness, which results in better productivity. uAttend’s time tracking software also enables your business to track employee time and attendance from any location thanks to its cloud-based connectivity. Employees can even record their time and attendance from pre-designated Geo-hot spots using the uAttend Smartphone App!

With detailed reporting on employee time and attendance and productivity, your payroll management can improve by leaps and bounds. Transform your business into a highly productive organization by contacting uAttend today.