uAttend Time Clocks

When you need to safeguard your business by tracking your employees’ time, an automated time clock with smart, robust time tracking software is by far the most efficient and easy way.
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Today’s businesses are no longer restricted to brick and mortar stores or factory floors. The huge growth of the service industry has resulted in service providers and their employees spending more and more time in the field. While this boom has created opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, it has also created certain problems when it comes to monitoring employee time. Alas, there is a solution! uAttend’s automated cloud-based time and attendance software makes it possible for today’s businesses to monitor their employees’ whereabouts at any time of the day, and from any location.

The World of Possibilities With a uAttend Wireless Time Clock

With uAttend, no matter where you are in the world, if you have access to the Internet you can access your employees’ work hours and attendance data. Our online accounts offer universal access making it easy for you to monitor and manage your workforce. uAttend benefits employees as well with its convenient punch in options and ease of use. For example, if your employees are working in the field, our Smartphone app makes it possible for them to mark their work hours from a specific job site. There is no need to punch in first at the office and then drive to the job site. As long as they are within your pre-designated Geo hot spot, they can punch in and out with the uAttend mobile application. This especially comes in handy for employees who spend most of their time working remotely. 

In addition to the mobile and Smartphone app, employees also have the option of punching in and out by calling in on a telephone, or by using a web browser. These time and attendance solutions are smart and easy to implement. Not only do they help accurately record work hours, but they also help streamline your roster planning and take the stress out of your payroll processing. uAttend currently integrates with more than 60 different payroll processing programs making the whole process a breeze.

Additional Advantages of Time and Attendance Software

In addition to universal accessibility, uAttend workforce management solutions offer a wide range of benefits for small and medium-sized businesses. An organization can achieve higher productivity, as well as eliminate time theft and wage fraud using our biometric solutions. From employee punches, to the creation of time and attendance reports for payroll, the entire process is automated and paperless enabling your business to accomplish more in less time, and with the least bit of human supervision.

If you have employees that work in the field, or if your organization faces time theft issues, or if you simply want to enjoy stress free payroll, consider a uAttend wireless time clock system for your business. It’s an investment you won’t regret.